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Personality Profile Deploy date (9/10/20)

Ulysses Butterfly Society Supporter Survey Deploy Date (08/10/20)

Supporter Survey with Merchandise Deploy date (16/10/20)

Volunteer Feed Back survey Deploy date (16/10/20)

Bequest / Legacy Scoring
Preloading your supporter data and blending this with realtime results from your online and offline surveys, brings segmentation breakouts and automated bequest scoring to your desktop.
Regular Giving, Major Giving & Bequest Leads
With DonorEze™ all your leads are available in realtime, offline survey leads are available within 2hrs of the mail being received.
Document & Survey Scanning (OCR & OMR services)
Full service deployment, graphic design, variable content, Print & mail, response handling, scanning & data capture services.
• Supporter Surveys
• Merchandise response and payment processing
• Longitudinal studies
• Medical Research & Trials
Fulfilment Consumables
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DonorEze™ is a fully integrated and automated service for managing all your donations, surveys & leads. We combine and merge your online and offline leads, they all come together in one place.

Leads from surveys are available in DonorEze™ within a couple of hours of the mail being received at CCDATA. This will trigger hyper-personalised thank you letters, receipts and merchandise fulfilment.

Celebrating 30 years. Thank you to the following organisations.

Online survey design & hosting

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Survey Design & Hosting

Supporter Surveys, competitions and
quizzes can all be designed to provide
enhanced engagement & ‘stickyness’

Full Integration

Online surveys are embedded with
PCI Compliant Payment gateway
for ‘in survey’ merchandising’,
Donations and Regular Giving uplifts.

With automated government data feeds
blended with your organisational data, and survey results, provides full seamless propensity
scoring in real-time. Which can shave weeks
off of your post campaign analysis.


Online and offline results are combined and merged to create 1 single export file, which contains a simple easy to use data dictionary.

Launch & Monitor

Both the online and offline surveys are reviewed before going to print & online deployment.
What works online doesn’t always work offline, and vice versa. Crystal Clear Data will optimise your online and offline survey to minimise ambiguity and prevent skews in your survey analysis

Causes we help


conservation & Environmental



Event fundraising

animal welfare

arts, cultural & humanities

disaster relief


hospital foundations






“Crystal Clear Data came highly recommended by a colleague to fulfil a key component of a major project I was leading.

I’m so grateful for the recommendation, the staff and Crystal Clear Data are incredibly knowledgeable, professional and proactive and made light work of a complicated process.”

Teresa Cajes, Cancer Council

“We have worked with Crystal Clear Data for many years to streamline our donation processing and to take on the load at peak appeal times. They have adapted quickly and seamlessly to our specific needs

They have a great team, and are open to any suggestions that make processing as efficient as possible.

In Crystal Clear Data they have become our extended Supporter Services team! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team at CCDATA to prospective clients.”

Stefanie Kessler,
General Manager Supporter Services, Assistance Dogs Australia

“QR Passenger health and fitness unit, implemented an important ‘Employee Opinion Survey’ to establish the working needs and the perceptions of all staff related to fitness and health. Crystal Clear Data helped to design, print and process the completed surveys.

I was impressed with Crystal Clear Data’s service, and they’re ability to produce seamless, automated reporting with zero fuss. I have no hesitation in recommending Crystal Clear Data.”

Larissa Zielke, Health & Fitness Unit, Queensland Rail

A case for centralised fundraising in a Federated model

The Challenge

Getting everyone on to the same page

There are significant savings and efficiencies to be had when fundraising campaigns come together and are managed centrally.

Crystal Clear Data has the systems in place to help you manage and execute your analytics, surveys and appeals, across your Federations, which in turn can save you 10’s of thousands of dollars


Surviving 20 years’ of change in six months

DonorEze™ enables you  to navigate the uncertain

In times of upheaval, there’s often an inflection point in history where we see mass adoption of ideas and services. The latest inflection point needs no introduction, COVID.

 enables you to fully automate your bequest & Propensity scoring, by pre-loading your organisational data and automated government data feeds, and then blending in appeal and survey results, provides a powerful platform, in which to consume your reports in real time.

Packaged Services

By packaging the services, you have one point of contact, it also streamlines your campaigns, and by doing so, not only saves you time and energy, it can save you thousands of dollars. This is a great way of getting your federated model on to the same page.

OCR & OMR Scanning

Segmentation & Propensity Scoring

Online and off line surveys

Print and mail

Appeals Processing

Response management

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