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March 25, 2019
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2019 The Year of the Philanthropist

Well 2019 has certainly kicked off with a bang and it’s got a gallop on, before we know it Easter eggs will be handed out and tax time will be upon us.

Last month I attended some wonderful Chinese New Year celebrations and learnt that the twelfth zodiac sign, the pig, is considered a philanthropist, and that his chubby pig cheeks are a sign of good fortune and wealth; seems to me that the year of the pig will be a good one for NFPs!

The pig has already been at work for many of our clients! Campaigns launched this year have seen growth in response rates based on previous years, thanks in large part to multi-channel strategic contact. While early year appeals have also been exceeding targets, with the value and focus placed on donor care increasing to new heights.

As well as being a philanthropist, wealth bringer and all round good guy, the pig is also known for taking on the “boring tedious jobs” and doing them well, doing them quietly and doing them with pride. I can’t help but draw parallels here with the work we do here at Crystal Clear Data. Data and donation processing, cleansing, manipulation, analysing and visualisation could be seen to be boring and tedious; but their importance cannot be overlooked or undervalued.

Here’s to the pig and whats to come in 2019!

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